Frequently asked questions

How do I buy the Koi Flip?

Right now the Koi Flip is in the product developement stage. By the end of December you will be able to support us on Kickstarter and get an early bird price!

I pledged. Now, when will I get my Koi Flip?

When the Kickstarter is fully funded we will go directly into manufacturing to assure you have your Koi Flip as soon as possible.

Why Kickstarter?

At Koi we want full control of our company in order to control quality. We have purposfully avoided outside investors to be able to do this. That being said manufacturing is very expensive so we will be using the Kickstarter money to start manufacturiung.

Will there be more Koi products soon?

YES! We have two more products being developed and we hope to share those with you soon.

I don't have a Mac but want a Koi Flip.

Don't worry, we plan on expanding the Koi Flip to all popular computer types.